• Mr Onmute

Netflix's The Stranger

My love/hate relationship with Netflix and their original content continues. Netflix is good for a fire trailer and a sub par show or a show that takes forever to get good. The Stranger had a real good trailer. It pulled me in despite my disdain for shows with English accents and after episode one I was sure I made the right choice to give it a chance. By the time I got to episode four I was over it but also too far into the limited series to turnaround. The show only consist of 8 episodes and the only thing that keeps you going even though you know you should check out is the cheap thrill cliff hangers. Every episode leaves you an important character reacting to something that the watcher can't see. To make matters worse the ending fell so flat. To see all the twist and turn lead back to an origin that leaves you thinking "ALL THAT FOR THIS!!!". I do not give this one my recommendation. SKIP IT , DO NOT PRESS PLAY, DO NOT START EPSIODE ONE.


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